Motherf****** Drawings

'Anglers Mail', 05/12, colour pencil and collaged photocopies, 150 x 200cm

'Diana, Thats An Odd Hug', 01/12, pencil, 40 x 36cm

'The Ultimate Woman Award', 11/11, pencil, graphite and photo collage, 150 x 200cm

'Timberlina', 05/11, pencil,

'Timberlina And His Hoes', 2011







'Ripped', 05/11, pencil,

'Untitled', 05/11, pencil

'Dolly Parton Leader Of The Commonwealth', 2009

'Dolly Shows The Assests Of Being A Dumb Blonde To Princess Diana', 05/09, pencil,


'Dolly And Obama Discuss The Use Of Natural Fibers In Her Coat Of Many Colours',05/09, pencil,

'The Dalai Lama Points Out Dolly's Little Ole Shack', 05/09, pencil,

'Ghandi And Dolly Remember Applejack', 05/09, pencil

'Dolly And Mother Teresa Pray For The Sins Of Jolene', 05/09. pencil

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